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September 21, 2010
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Jamie McIntyre and Henry KayeJamie Mcintyre and Henry Kaye

are now UNITED!!

We’ve had ENOUGH  of being ripped off.

This web site was set up to expose the truth  about Jamie McIntyre.   As you will see from the content, there are many people who feel they have been ripped off by this man.

The goal of this site is primarily to allow people to share legitimate concerns about dealing with Mr Jamie McIntyre

January 8, 2016
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Watchdog moves on Henry Kaye-linked scheme

December 18, 2015
Royce Millar, Ben Schneiders, Simon Johanson
The Age National

A massive land banking scam linked to notorious property spruiker Henry Kaye is in tatters after the corporate regulator moved to wind up housing projects in Melbourne’s outer west and Bendigo.

Henry Kaye leaving the Magistrates Court in 2007

Henry Kaye leaving the Magistrates Court in 2007 Photo: Penny Stephens

In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, ASIC said it was concerned the companies behind the two schemes were insolvent and that investors who had bought lots or options may have been mislead.

The two projects – among about 10 such schemes in Victoria and Queensland – are known as Foscari in Wyndham and Hermitage in Bendigo.

The ASIC statement noted that Foscari and Hermitage projects were not close to completion and “appear to be incapable of completion due to the financial position of the development companies”.

The focus of a Fairfax investigation early this year, the Foscari project had been spruiked as an “iconic, architectural masterpiece” by shady marketing firm Market First. But years after it was flogged in manipulative and misleading seminars it remains a disused rubbish dump in Palmers Road, Truganina.

In March, Fairfax Media revealed that ASIC was investigating a string of projects linked to Kaye and or his sister, Julia Feldman. The inquiry followed Fairfax revelations in January about Foscari and a second Melbourne project, Veneziane in Melton.
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September 30, 2015
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Property spruiker Jamie McIntyre called a ‘conman’

Property spruiker Jamie McIntyre was grilled at a Senate hearing on Wednesday over missing investment funds.

Property spruiker Jamie McIntyre was grilled at a Senate hearing on Wednesday over missing investment funds. Photo: Wayne Taylor

Simon Johanson and Royce Millar

Property spruiker Jamie McIntyre was grilled at a Senate hearing on Wednesday over missing investment funds.Photo: Wayne Taylor

Property spruiker Jamie McIntyre has been accused of being a “conman” and an “evasive witness” in a fiery Senate committee hearing looking into the whereabouts of tens of millions of dollars of mum and dad investments sunk into land-banking schemes across Victoria.

In a stormy exchange at the committee hearing in Melbourne, Senators Sam Dastyari and Nick Xenophon pursued Mr McIntyre over a stalled Shepparton land-banking scheme also linked to notorious property spruiker Henry Kaye.

They pressed Mr McIntyre to return funds to another committee witness, investor Grazyna Monka, who had testified to her distress about losing her life savings.
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September 16, 2015
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ASIC obtains urgent injunction against Jamie McIntyre

Nick Bendel


Property spruiker Jamie McIntyre has again fallen foul of ASIC after his group ran ads that said consumers could “buy Australian property” with “no money down”.

ASIC has obtained an urgent injunction in the Federal Court against two companies associated with Mr McIntyre: 21st Century Property (officially known as Property Tuition) and 21st Century Education (officially known as Education Holdings).

Macro Realty Developments is also subject to the injunction, which prohibits the companies from promoting and marketing a proposed Pilbara property investment, according to ASIC.

The regulator has alleged that the two 21st Century Group companies promoted the proposed investment with the tagline ‘Do you know how to buy Australian property, no money down?’.

ASIC has also alleged that the investment documents are “misleading and deceptive”.

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August 14, 2015
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ASIC launches legal action against land-banking schemes

by Julia Corderoy|12 Aug 2015


ASIC has launched serious legal action against companies behind the marketing and sale of a number of land-banking schemes to investors.

The regulator has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against companies associated with Jamie McIntyre and the 21st Century Group, in relation to their promotion and sale of interests to investors in five land banking schemes.

Land banking is a real estate investment scheme involving the acquisition of large blocks of land by a promoter or developer of the scheme, often in undeveloped rural areas, who then offer portions of the land to investors. Continue Reading →

August 11, 2015
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ASIC Lauches Proceedings Against Jamie McIntyre And The 21st Century Group

By Phil McCarroll|10 Aug 2015

logo_yipThe Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) has launched legal action against those behind the marketing and sale of a number of land-banking schemes to investors.
ASIC yesterday announced that it has commenced legal actions in the Federal Court of Australia against companies associated with Jamie McIntyre and the 21st Century Group in relation to five land-banking schemes in Queensland and Victoria.

ASIC alleges that the schemes are unregistered managed investment schemes and that 21st Century Group companies and Mr McIntyre have been unlawfully providing unlicensed financial services business.

According to ASIC the schemes were promoted to investors, including through seminars, by entities associated with Mr McIntyre’s 21st Century Group and the development companies for each of the schemes are also associated with Mr McIntyre and the 21st Century Group.
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August 9, 2015
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Corporate plod takes aim at property spruiker Jamie McIntyre

Mark Hawthorne

Jamie McIntyre. Illustration: John ShakespeareJamie McIntyre holds a blow-up Twitter logo. At the height of his fame, Jamie McIntyre broughtArnold Schwarzenegger to Australia. Now the property spruiker’s empire is on the verge of being terminated itself.The long arm of the law is finally trying to catch up with the purveyor of get-rich-quick schemes. The corporate plod on Friday launched legal action against Jamie McIntyre and his brother,Dennis McIntyre, who have both been ordered to hand in their passports to the Federal Court on Monday.Thousands of investors have sunk more than $100 million into a property scheme run by McIntyre’s 21st Century Group of companies. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission alleges 21st Century and McIntyre have been unlawfully carrying on an unlicensed financial services business as a result.

August 8, 2015
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Jamie McIntyre’s schemes under ASIC fire


TheAustralianBRProperty spruiker Jamie McIntyre has been unlawfully providing unlicensed financial services, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission will ­allege.

The market regulator has begun proceedings in the Federal Court over five separate investment schemes operated by Mr McIntyre’s company, 21st Century, largely in Victoria.

Mr McIntyre’s investment schemes take the form of land banking, with the promise that land currently not zoned for residential development could increase significantly in value.

The schemes operate as Bot­anica, Secret Valley Estate, Bendigo Vineyard and Melbourne Grove Estate in Victoria, and Oak Valley Lakes in Queensland.

“ASIC is seeking orders to ­appoint a provisional liquidator or receiver and manager to each of the five schemes and the development companies in order to take control of any assets and protect the interests of investors,” the regulator said.

ASIC’s proceedings are part of ASIC’s wider and ongoing investigation into land banking schemes.

July 22, 2015
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Land banking company linked to Henry Kaye collapses


from Sydney Morning Herald

By  Simon Johanson

July 19, 2015

Mystery surrounds the fate of tens of million of dollars outlaid by 700 mum and dad investors in a Bendigo land-banking scheme linked to Jamie McIntyre and the sister of notorious get-rich-quick spruiker Henry Kaye after administrators took control of the company overseeing the project last week.

Under the scheme, investors bought  so-called “wholesale options” on undeveloped land on the outskirts of Bendigo, spruiked by Mr McIntyre’s controversial marketing firm, 21st Century.

A creditors meeting for the company behind the Bendigo project, Midland Hwy Pty Ltd, was held last Tuesday in the same week that Mr Kaye’s five-year ban from managing public companies expired.

The Bendigo project, now known as Hermitage, was the second of a string of land-banking schemes across Victoria linked to Mr Kaye and/or Mr McIntyre.

Mr Kaye had a direct role in the first of the projects in regional Shepparton, which fell into liquidation in 2012 with option holders unaware three years later about the fate of their investment. Continue Reading →

June 23, 2015
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Investigations by Fairfax

Investigations by Fairfax now confirm JaHenry Kayemie and his 21st Century business (Real Estate, not Education or Party) appear to be in bed with good old Henry Kaye (who has a very colourful history of real estate spruiking):

Selling land options to unsuspecting suckers:

Nejat Mackali revealed how Kaye, Feldman and  21st Century’s star spruiker Jamie McIntyre, helped market the
questionable property investment schemes

http://wwJamie's top 10w.theage.com.au/national/how-to-be-more-like-jamie-mcintyre-inside-a-spruikers-seminar-20150307-13xxtk.html

Get-rich spruikers Henry Kaye and Jamie McIntyre and a former senior Slater & Gordon lawyer are under investigation over controversial land-banking schemes


Henry Kaye back in business: Doubts over small investors’ $100 million stake in questionable property investment schemes




December 19, 2014
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Spruikers try to hide their past online

Here’s an intriguing example of how property spruikers do online reputation management: they stuff the search results with their own web pages and videos etc, to try to control their image and prevent you from seeing negative stories about them.

Global1 Scam online reputation management for the Henry Kaye connection

Bottom line: when you Google a property speaker, look well past the first page of results, check ALL the links out with a skeptical eye and be super careful!

December 19, 2014
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Why land banking is so profitable for spruikers

This was posted in November  2014,   and it’s quite interesting:


It’s a detailed breakdown of how Jamie McIntyre’s “land banking” scheme actually works. A behind-the-scenes view.

In light of this I can see why McIntyre is now saying that he’s off the trading programs and he thinks his clients should only invest in property, and why he’s pushing “land banking” / land options to clients as “the best” way to invest in property.

June 8, 2014
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Dozens of Australians lose money through Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Eminis financial education program

By consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge and Suzanne Dredge

Original Story here

Dozens of Australians lose money through Jamie McIntyre's 21st Century Eminis financial education program

Dozens of Australians have lost tens of thousands of dollars after investing in a trading program sold by a well-known financial education expert.

The ABC has been told some people have lost fees of up to $30,000 through a program sold by 21st Century Education, which taught people how to trade on the stock market through a virtual trading room.

The name of the program was 21st Century Eminis and the CEO of the company is controversial spruiker Jamie McIntyre.

Complaints made to a number of authorities, including the financial ombudsman service and to the company directly, have not gained traction.

The course was supposed to include access to the Eminis Trading Room for at least five years, but former students say they can no longer access the room and have not been provided with any information. Continue Reading →

January 20, 2014
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McIntyres own fake ‘Exposed’ website!

One thing about Jamie McIntyre is true. He certainly knows how to deliver pages of unsubstantiated nonsense and propaganda about himself.

As we pointed out in our last article, Jamie has set up his own exposed website in an attempt to divert internet traffic away from this site where you will discover the real truth about Jamie and his companies.

Rest assured, JME www.jamiemcintyreexposed.com it the only genuine website committed to exposing the truth about Jamie McIntyre. The rest are underhand attempts to mislead you.

In his usual way, Jamie s online ramblings about himself are made to look like they are being considered from an objective third party s perspective. Make no mistake, they are not. While we know that much of the time, Jamie employs PR professionals and ghost writers to properly edit his own pathetic attempts to string a few lines together, they have all failed miserably to convince readers that they are in any way genuine or legitimate. As usual everything has an air of fake about it when it comes to McIntyre’s   and this website he has set up is no different. There is just far too much evidence of his underhand tactics floating around these days for him to be believable any more. Continue Reading →

October 31, 2013
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Burying the evidence

cry baby What has become very obvious lately is Jamie McIntyre’s desperate attempts to bury sites such as this from rating on the first page in the google search rankings. We know from insiders that he is paranoid about this site and trying everything he can to avoid the public viewing the information contained in it. He knows that it is all true!

When anyone types in a google search term like “Jamie McIntyre scam” the first page they come to will list this site. It will also list a new site called www.jamiemcintyreexposed.com.au   This is a site that McIntyre has registered, (along with many others)   in a further attempt to fool consumers by steering them away from the warnings found on this site.   However two can play this game, and we will do everything we can to ensure that consumers are properly warned about dealing with Jamie McIntyre, 21st Century Education and it’s subsidiaries.

We ask that you assist us in this endeavor by helping us spread the word. Feel free to post our link www.jamiemcintyreexposed.com   on your facebook page or anywhere else that it will be seen and act as a warning to consumers.

This will also help ensure that this page remains on the top page of a google search where it needs to be. That way everyone can make their own minds up based on all of the information, not just the carefully filtered information Jamie McIntyre wants everyone to see.

Finally we had to laugh. In a recent You Tube clip we note that Jamie McIntyre accused his critics and unhappy clients of being ‘cry babies’ because their investments didn’t work out as promised. Well it’s not hard to see who the cry   baby is now is it Jamie?

Just look at the pathetic grizzling attempts McIntyre makes to redeem himself   and claim victim status, on countless websites he has created to divert attention away from this site!

Good luck with your efforts Jamie. We are well aware of your antics and will expose and explain them to consumers in a bid to protect them from being ripped off. There is only one official Jamie McIntyre exposed site. All others are fakes designed to fool consumers.

October 1, 2013
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McIntyre’s latest ripoff

Brisbane Times

House ‘idyll’ just barren paddock

Investors may have paid up to $34 million for ”options” in a supposedly idyllic rural housing development that is just a paddock, as Melbourne’s recovering property market proves a boon to spruikers.

Over the past 18 months the property arm of wealth spruiker Jamie McIntyre has been marketing ”land banking” options on lots in a development on the outskirts of Bendigo that, until recently, the local council did not know existed. The proposed estate is a barren paddock within the residentially zoned growth area of Huntly on the Midland Highway 12 kilometres from the town centre.

Documents obtained by Fairfax Media show 21st Century Property, which is run from a Kings Way office by Konrad Bobilak, an associate of failed property spruiker Henry Kay, has been selling ”options” to 896 lots in the proposed development.

The speculative ”wholesale land” packages were offered to investors through Mr McIntyre’s 21st Century Education network of companies, which also offers to help set up self-managed superannuation funds.

September 26, 2013
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More on McIntyre’s deceptive practices

Jamie McIntyre. Illustration: John ShakespeareA well written article which highlights the underhand tactics some people are prepared to use to fake their popularity. If the election results were anything to go by, we think Jamie should quit now while he is ahead and before the real skeletons start falling from from the closet. You have far too many dirty little secrets to ever make it in politics Jamie.


We suspect that because his ego has gotten so far out of control are likely to see plenty more theatrics play out yet.

Recently we heard from some ex staff members of 21st Century Education, (previously known as 21st Century Academy). The allegations made by some of you were quite disturbing, particularly where they relate to certain workplace practices Continue Reading →

September 10, 2013
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More media articles on Jamie McIntyre

Illustration: John Shakespeare.For the benefit of readers, check out the latest media articles on Jamie McIntyre.


As we have predicted all along, looking at the election results McIntyre’s attempts to fool the people of new England have turned into a dismal failure. Who did he really think he was kidding?

Having claimed in the lead up to the election that he was a serious contender to take the seat from Barnaby Joyce he now looks very foolish. So what does McIntyre do? Exactly what he always does. Some spin doctoring. He now claims “WE always have had a long term agenda, 21st Century Australia said it would take 10 years to become a serious third party threat in this country”
(See following article in the Inverell Times.)


Good luck with that Jamie. We will continue to expose your underbelly in the hope that it will save many more people falling victim to your underhand and deceitful business practices.

August 23, 2013
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McIntyre appears on Today Tonight.

Jamie McIntyre Scam
We have just been notified that Jamie appeared on Today Tonight last week. How bad that no-one here saw that coming! lol. Well for those of you like us that missed it, we have found a link to a You Tube copy of it here:

(Update 21/10/13. We see that Today Tonight have trashed the link to this story under copyright claims. Considering there are dozens of TT stories posted on You Tube and that they were receiving full credit for the story, one would have to wonder why they did this.   While this was was exactly as we predicted, we believe it had to either be another   display of McIntyre’s legal threatening tactics, or he has someone in the right place at Channel 7 to assist him with lodging copyright claims to YouTube so the story is removed.   Either way nothing surprises us any more when it comes to the tactics Jamie McIntyre will use.)

(Further update 25/10/13: Thanks to one of our readers [see comments on this article], another link has been identified on this TT story that McIntyre seems so keen to prevent the public from seeing. http://vimeo.com/77393381     It will be interesting to see how long it remains there, but rest assured as our reader Paul G pointed out, there are a huge number of other video hosting sites for it to be re-posted on.   Good luck with your persistent efforts at having it removed Jamie! We can all play the same games as you do and we will do everything we can to warn consumers about your underhand tactics!)

(And another Update 29/11/13. Oh Dear…..   He clearly wants to hide this story!   Try this link one of our informants has now sent us   http://www.dailymotion.com/bigalwardell#video=x17r91z   If anyone else wants to copy this story and post it up somewhere else just send us the link to it. Jamie obviously likes to chase his tail and we will play his game.)

now back to the story………..

This is the very thing we have been warning consumers about when it comes to dealing with Jamie McIntyre and his harem of rogues.

You can be sure that McIntyre’s IT staff will be pulling out all stops to hide this negative TT story from the google search engines now, while at the same time, his legal team will be pouring over ideas of how to get YouTube to remove it. lol! You are so predictable Jamie! Continue Reading →

August 13, 2013
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The people of New England electorate are not silly!

Tenterfield Star
Well it seems that Jamie’s tactics are finally catching up with him and the people of the New England Electorate are not fooled by his high opinions of himself.

Check out this story in the Tenterfield news. http://www.tenterfieldstar.com.au/story/1702447/mcintyre-battles-on/?cs=12

Again Jamie is caught out telling porkies. He denies he or his staff sought advice from Tony Windsor about how to run as an independent. Why would Tony Windsor lie about this Jamie? And as for a two horse race between him and Barnaby Joyce?

Well we think Jamie has already shot his horse in the foot!

It seems Jamie has never heard of the quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln which says “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”.


July 23, 2013
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The Hypocrisy of it all!

The Inverell TimesWell goodness me, Jamie McIntyre’s political campaign is slowly building momentum but the question remains. Can he fool the masses into believing he has far more support than he really has?  After all, Jamie McIntyre has become renowned for his  fake it till you make it’ style……….

In this article,    Jamie begins to point the finger and makes a number of  accusations. He says  â€œTruth and honestly in polls and newspapers are the least voters should expect, not the manipulated polls many media report on, yet ignoring accurate independent polling,”

Exactly what accurate independent polling are you referring to Jamie?

When the stats are not saying what Jamie wants them to say, he always finds ways to massage and fudge them.  Just look at this recent article  as an example:

So will Jamie really be able to fool the people in the NSW seat of New England? Time will tell we guess, but we think these rural people are going to turn out to be a lot smarter than Jamie thinks they are.



July 17, 2013
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Jamie McIntyre’s ‘Jealous Competitors’

An undated photo of Henry Kaye, Jamie McIntyre and Konrad Bobilak at a fancy dress party.Most of you by now would have seen this article which also appeared in the SMH recently

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/dressup-parties-can-be-revealing-20130602-2njyg.html#ixzz2ZGA6GjJc

It seems that these photos have circulated quite widely now. Not the sort of thing Jamie was hoping for I’m sure. But lets have a closer look at what Jamie has said at the end of this article:

”There’s jealous competitors that like to run smear campaigns in business and post that photo and put it on the internet, along with a lot of other false information which they can’t prove.”

”We have defamation laws in Australia which aren’t strict enough.” Continue Reading →

July 17, 2013
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Number’s up for Twitter followers

Jamie Mcintyre twitter auditIt seems that Jamie’s skeletons are desperate to get out of the closet now…………..Check out this story which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald recently.   These are the sort of behind the scenes and   underhand tactics that Jamie has become well renowned for.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/political-hopeful-jamie-mcintyre-allegedly-faking-twitter-numbers-20130716-2q1o3.html#ixzz2ZG2wizW7

This is just one example of dozens of internet tactics we know Jamie has been using to fool hundreds of consumers into believing he is some sort of   honest wealth and political guru to be honored and admired. We note how quick he is to play dumb and deny the allegations!

Just look at this comment:   We, I don t know that we have bought Twitter followers, so the answer is probably zero.

So is it “We” or “I” Jamie? Remember you have to be careful how you use your words now that you are an aspiring politician. Continue Reading →

November 3, 2011
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Delving into the dark side of shadow brokers

Extract from the age

By Adele Ferguson, Simon Johanson

August 13, 2011

The use of financial services licenses is coming under increasing scrutiny

According to Konrad Bobilak, a former Henry Kaye associate, who now runs 21st Century Direct Property: “We have a database of 250,000 members who are part of the 21st Century Academy.”

All this wouldn’t be possible without husband-and-wife team Rory and Margaret Deutsch whose company, Romad Financial Services, rents its Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) to 82 individuals and entities, including Jamie McIntyre’s 21st Century Group. Continue Reading →

September 22, 2010
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By his own standards, McIntyre a loser

Jamie McIntyre: What I Didn’t Learn at School but Wish I Had

McIntyre might be a self-made millionaire, but he doesn’t look like one dressed in beige slacks and ill-fitting white T-shirt with an Elvis-inspired quiff and the slight hint of a harelip. But then Bill Gates and Donald Trump are no oil paintings and they’re billionaires.

Lacking Hudson’s boyish charm and Demartini’s charisma, McIntyre’s seminar is mind-numbingly dull. Rhetorical questions go unanswered by an audience that appears bemused, bored and wishing they’d seen a film instead. His anecdotes are neither funny nor insightful. His tone is condescending, if not insensitive.

At one point, he asks, “How do you know if Telstra really works on top of Ayers Rock?” suggesting it’s a crime if you don’t. Continue Reading →

September 22, 2010
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Tread your own path!

I stumbled across one of the last lectures Belfort  will deliver in Australia. It’s a two-day seminar called “Beating the Stock Market”, which he was fronting for a company called 21st Century Academy, fronted by an Australian financial guru named Jamie McIntyre.

If you type McIntyre’s name into the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) website it comes up with a 2005 release titled ‘Another wealth creation spruiker caught out’, and tells that the regulator successfully brought legal proceedings “to stop or change the way they arrange, promote and hold live seminars in Australia”. The ASIC website also details several companies associated with McIntyre that have been wound up. Continue Reading →