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There has been some press coverage recently about a posting called “Thieving scumbag McIntyre”. It seems that Mr McIntyre feels this is not a fair description of this person s experience.

This posting was a straight copy, including spelling errors, from a posting on the site Ozrippoffs. It seems to have been taken off that site now, possibly through the pressure of Mr McIntyre.

While we were gathering the information available on the World Wide Web, we chose to include this one, and post it   in its entirety, because it reflected how deeply ripped off this person felt. If you were being threatened with legal action after losing thousands, you might not even be as polite as this 72 year old pensioner.

The goal of this site is primarily to allow people to share legitimate concerns about dealing with Mr McIntyre. This goal is more important than publishing the exact words of someone s grievance. So we have now sanitised this 72 year old pensioners expression of feeling very ripped off by Mr McIntyre. (should you want to see the unedited version we will consider sending it to you.)

We are wondering why Mr McIntyre didn t approach us directly with his concerns about the way this grievance was expressed. We would like to take this opportunity to invite him to contact us.   If there are other peoples experiences that he feels aren t expressed in an appropriate manner, please let us knows and we will look into it.


“My Experience of Jamie McIntyre”

21st Century Academy supposedly comes with a one year 100% money back guarantee. They also promise in their free DVD that anyone that becomes a 21st CA home study member will be entitled to a loan from their finance department. Not only was my refund request rejected, they did not give me a loan (as promised or suckered in) and are now threatening with legal action from their legal team & sicking their debt collection agency onto me, a  72 year old pensioner with a mental illness, to repossess the repayments & take all and any legal action necessary, and intend to hit me with fees & charges.

And help from government or legal representatives would Be greatly appreciated. Would also like to know where I can join in the Acis s crusade to de-wing this millionaire   organisation from ripping off more Australians!

He suckers people in with his false claims for caring for the average Aussie middleclass and poor citizen, and entices his students into an anti-government brainwashing rally against them. Truth of the matter is, if he doesn t have your money, he s not on your side, and if you re not on his side, he s against you!

Someone who has a worthwhile product or entire system to sell,   sells only that system or product they deeply believe in. Those who ve lost their integrity, sell everything! That s exactly what you re in for if you attend one of his seminars; half the time will be used up from guest speakers promoting their programs in which Jamie s in affiliation with. They even wave free laptops in your face at the seminars & initial signups these days, in order to lure people deeper into their financial traps! Exactly what my brother warned when I first got involved with them. He s making so much money off considerable  desperate people  like  you  which  allows  him  to holiday every two weeks  of  every  month  anywhere in the world!   Enjoy your holiday on my  expense! It took the government a long time to get Bond and Skase, they re going to get him one day too! I feel he is robbing from the poor and giving to himself! The universe is a tremendously well-oiled machine. Justice would be great if he s caught sooner than later, for the poor people s sake!

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  1. I agree with the claims that this company is crooked. I’m on a pension and they are trying to bill huge prices for a product. This had been sorted out once,and they come back for seconds thirds and forths. What can a guy do?

    • Hi Trevor,
      I remember during one of my home study dvd’s, he had some scottish guy alledgedly representing a senior managment position in the accounting firm i.t.p.

      Well this guy touched on several subjects about how to be more tax effective etc.

      But most disturbingly, he appeared to give advice on getting early access to your sgc.[compulsory] super, by means of using joint venture trusts etc.!

      Also, If you signed with them & Jamie’s newest training program,[6k] they could ‘do a deal’ whereby If the above mentioned accounting firm, set up an SMSF, for the above purposes, they could “legally” take the course fees [6k] out of your super, by basically disquising the seminar fees as legitimate SMSF set-up costs!

      Well thankfully I contacted i.t.p. [victoria] & they were a little puzzled by this, & even suggested that this could be considered fraudulant & illegal.

      I’m glad I recieved this advice, becuase now that I do have an SMSF, I’ve been warned from the authorities to watchout for those sort of false & illegal claims, by unscrupulous opperators!

      Kind regards,

  2. Get some legal advice , BEFORE signing “McIntre’s (21st Century’s contracts”.Have ALL the contracts vetted by a lawyer and get a WRITTEN LEGAL OPINION about your rights.Also the consumer legislation if used appropriately and properly , can be used effectively, to protect us MANY times if we are advised FIRST before signing “HIS CONTRACT”.

  3. I apply for the home study course, They where very helpful until the first payment went through. Once that happen could not get in contact with them. I send an email saying i want my money back. Immidiately I get a phone call the next day. And they don’t want to give me my money back, specially when I have not sign anything, saying I have to go to a 4 day seminar first, if I want my money back, but that time the 90 day money back guarantee expires.

    They are making such a fuzz about returning my money. I been watcing the DVds, So far I have watch 30+ dvd on advertising about other home study course, which most of them cost another 5 thousand dollars. I google search all this authors and 90% appears as scam, warning signs. For a company that wants to make millionaires out of people they really make it difficult to get your money back, Any reputable business if the customer is not happy with the product they will return the your payment. Has anyone could advice me on what to do. I want my money back and I’m tired of being taken for a ride. And why the goverment does not have a department to deal with all this scammers.

  4. Hi Would like to hear from anyone that purchased the 21st Forex Auto Trading program that was promoted June/July 2010. Loved to hear comments on how they think the program went for them. I feel I have been a victim here and like to know if there are others that have the same feeling.

    • Hi Marie, I purchased the Forex program along with 2 friends of mine. It did not take long to realise it was a load of crap. Kel Butcher was supposed to be running the program but wasn’t, I was sold “capital guarantee” with a $500 trading bonus, both I didn’t get. The attractive figures for the Auto trader that came with the sales pitch I later discovered in the forex videos from Kel Butcher as him trading aggressively and something he definitely would not recommend with us. I demanded my money back I constantly rang customer service to only to be bounced around from dickhead to dickhead with no satisfaction. Both my friends were completely pissed off with these clowns and we all lost money.

  5. Hi Marie,
    For your answer…whether the program is good or bad, this is only for your own judegment. So just read this useful SMH Newspaper Weekend Business dated August 13-14 2011 “Delving into the dark side of shadow brokers” Pg 11

  6. Thanks all for the feedback i watched their DVD’s and all the hype. They are very good at what they do, which is selling!

    I have educated myself in trading and reviewed a lot of training providers and this one has the exact same attributes as all the other scams.

    Check out http://www.investopedia.com and http://www.learningmarkets.com these are excellent free sources of education.

    In all fairness i haven t tried the Jamie courses or products but they seem too good to be true to me and he looks slimy so i won t try his products but i might be wrong.

    Again if he is so supper rich and good why does it take $12,000 to do his course for 2 days.

  7. Hi
    Ive been in a battle with the 21st century education company for some time now. You see the homestudy course is just generalized information. Nothing specific in these DVDs. If you want to make real money then you would have to fork out another 9000 dollars on top of the already expensive 5000 dollars for the homestudy course.

    I wanted to opt out of my commitment with them as I beleive the homestudy course is a rip off. It does not go anywhere close to helping me succed in getting a head in life financially.

    Not only this but their management team are hopless and unresponsive. I tried getting a loan with them and was rejected. I tried to set up the self funded superannuation so i could trade the eminis and make some real money, Again I was told this would not happen. When I inquired about my circumstances I was told very little or why.

    When I complained to the 21st century management it seemed to fall on deaf ears and nothing was done to investigate it or help me.

    so please do not sign up to this scam I beg you. Im currently been hounded by their recovery team here is what they sent me:

    ” If we do not hear back from you within the timeframe stipulated in the attached Letters of Demand we will be passing your account over to our Debt Collection Agency. You will then be responsible for payment of their costs for the recovery of the full balance of your Account, which can be quite considerable. We trust that this course of action will not be necessary. We will also be listing your name with VEDA ADVANTAGE, a credit reporting agency, which may affect any application for finance you may apply for in the future.”

    List my name with Veda Advantage!!! what the f…
    How could they do this!!! This company teaches you to borrow money from financial intsitutions to get ahead.called leverage. How would I go getting some leverage is my name is blacklisted on Veda Advantage. it goes against every principal the company preaches!!

    what a crock of shit. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

  8. dont waste your money. bought the home study back in 2007 all he does is give you a little info then he puts a sales pitch in for other peoples products. toatal rip off, i made $5000 this week just be doing my own study and research on trading you dont need jamie. hes a total crook. his course is so over valued.

  9. I took the course about 10 years ago, and found it was just full of fluff, and promise of help to start a business with a loan etc.. But the Advice that was given was to use A black pen to apply and the loan will go through. the manuals that I received/paid for were just photo copied rip offs that had no substance. Worst course ever, I would of got more value buying a car from car wizard!!

  10. Report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service and also their ASIC Financial Service Licensee. Romad Financial Services ^ rory Deutsch. If it was not for Romad authorsising them innocent people would be saved and the Financial Ombusdman is a FREE service. McIntyre needs to be stopped

  11. 21st Century are really good at selling a dream. But for me that’s all it was. Went to a 4 day seminar, got suckered in to spending $15,000 – and in the end got nothing for it. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. But it seemed nothing I did worked and you had to keep forking out money to do things. If you’re going to a seminar – keep your hands in your pocket, your credit card at home, and don’t get hyped up by all the people they have trying to take your money. I got suckered in big time. BEWARE

  12. I recently received some free DVD’s from this crowd and must say haven’t had a chance to review the material. Reading your complaints that my original gut feeling about this crowd was correct.I am glad I didn’t pursue any of their so-called courses with them. As a educator, I find McIntyre’s comments about education not teaching him anything of an ill-informed and ignorant individual. There are too many scams nowadays that we need to be vigilant before parting with our money. Becoming rich takes hard work and long hours coupled with dedication and perseverance. The old adage still holds true in 2012 ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.

  13. I also brought the home study course a few years ago, i then brought the share lord home study run by nick halik, I found i had the information at hand but the mentor meaning nick was always too busy. I must have wasted about $7000 on home study. It is really hard to find a genuine site on the internet. Ever since then i have always been doing reviews on everything. Right now i am very much interested in forex trading and wanting to learn more about this. But i have found i think one genuine site called oneononeforextraining.com or do a search for reviews on hettie nel. I am considering buying her products.

  14. I got the entire Home Study program for free 3 years ago on a ‘scholarship’. What I immediately noticed was that although some of the information was good, and some of the strategies seemed legit the speakers didn’t give enough info to take action and me to actually make any money. At the end of each ‘lecture’ was a version of “and if you want to follow this strategy, pay for our (fill in the blank) program, or call our services department. It began to feel like a series of infomercials.

    But wait there’s more.

    One of these ‘lectures’ was trying to sell people Qlink (a magical pendant supposed to improve your health), what does this have to do with investing?

    But wait, there’s still more.

    At one point I got a phonecall from one of Jami’s people trying to get me involved in an investment in American real estate. He sounded like a life insurance salesman, and repeatedly tried to get me involved. At the time I was a student and had no money at all. When I told him this he asked if I could BORROW money to invest. I told him no.

    But wait, there’s still more.

    I got more phonecalls trying to get me into investments. I turned them down, these guys showed far too much interest in getting money out of me for me to be comfortable with the idea of giving them any. I made it very clear that I don’t have spare money and need to learn how to make some. They gave me a link to a course that was supposed to help me. I got to the end of it and guess what? Spend x amount of money to get more information. It was just another attempt to get more money out of me.

    Real investment advisors don’t need to sell you investments like this, or continually ask you to hand over more money. Real investment advisors can show you their credentials and prove they are qualified to teach their subject. Frauds and conmen will always try to get more money out of you, and they are rarely qualified to teach in the first place. Frauds and conmen excel at selling their product and scamming money out of people, that’s what makes them good at what they do.

    Given the way these guys behave it is easy to see what they are.

  15. I was stressed during last two years because of a purchase I have done suggested by 21st centuries property direct. It was an absolute headache for me and since I have made complaint to them, and told them i have all email correspondence of this transaction, they sent me Deed of Release and agreed to pay me out if I sign it. I have got my lawyers to check out for me, and finally decided not to sign for it. I also found out that the builder they have recommended for me went into administration, and more headache for me regarding maintenance jobs. I am happy that I haven’t signed for anything, and i can still open up my mouth and give anyone my opinion and experience with this company.

    • Dear Monica,

      We are so pleased that you had the courage to speak out. This is exactly what this site is for.As administrators of the site we realize that the only way we can provide a voice for victims of the Jamie McIntyre’s scams is to keep this site active and remain anonymous. We are very aware of McIntyre’s litigious approach to unfairly silencing his critics, and are not about to play into his hand by allowing him to identify who we are. We are also aware of his desperate attempts to close us down but have managed to stay five steps ahead of him. Hopefully together we can expose the seedy underbelly of McIntyre and one of his best buddies Henry Kaye. We are aware that Henry Kaye is in these land banking deals (being promoted by McIntyre) up to his neck.

  16. Have you seen the latest blog by Scott Pape…The Barefoot Investor…a very credible and well recognised expert in financial investments. He talks about the crook Jordan Belfort and refers to McIntyre’s association with him. In 2009 Pape wrote an article about McIntyre and his association with Belfort. Why would you want to be linked to such a corrupt man?

  17. To all victims if financial loss caused by fraudulent means.
    We invite you to sign our bfcsa petition for a Royal commission into the bad behaviour of all banks and lenders which is causing thousands of people to lose their homes and their entire life savings.

    Please sign and pass on to every person you know and ask them to do the same. If we all stick together and get everyone to sign we can achieve our Royal Commission. Please do your best and pass on to everyone, victim or not it doesnt matter. What matters is the high volume of signatures which will result in our RC.
    We now have just over 2,000 signatures but need thousands more.
    Here is the link


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