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By his own standards, McIntyre a loser


Jamie McIntyre: What I Didn’t Learn at School but Wish I Had

McIntyre might be a self-made millionaire, but he doesn’t look like one dressed in beige slacks and ill-fitting white T-shirt with an Elvis-inspired quiff and the slight hint of a harelip. But then Bill Gates and Donald Trump are no oil paintings and they’re billionaires.

Lacking Hudson’s boyish charm and Demartini’s charisma, McIntyre’s seminar is mind-numbingly dull. Rhetorical questions go unanswered by an audience that appears bemused, bored and wishing they’d seen a film instead. His anecdotes are neither funny nor insightful. His tone is condescending, if not insensitive.

At one point, he asks, “How do you know if Telstra really works on top of Ayers Rock?” suggesting it’s a crime if you don’t.

By his own standards, McIntyre was a loser. He says he was $150,000 in debt and sleeping on a friend’s couch in his early days. But rather than vegetate in front of daytime TV, McIntyre devoured self-help books and hung around rich people until he realised the surest path to wealth lay in talking about it.

He blames the education system for causing failure, frustration and financial disaster in our society. Rather than teaching students how to have money work for us, schools waste time with reading, writing and arithmetic. Indeed, he says, “this type of information has been deliberately kept a secret, keeping many Australians constrained to a job and a slave to the banks”.

McIntyre also reckons many of us feel guilty about being wealthy. He’s not one of them since he applies “universal laws and principles and abide[s] by the laws of karma”.

Karma or not, listening to McIntyre won’t help your self-esteem. He says most Australians are dismal failures, pointing to Australian Bureau of Statistics figures that show 96 per cent of the population at age 65 end up dead, dead broke, pensioners or dependent on their families. A bureau spokesman says he is not aware of any bureau publication that contains this statistic, but McIntyre told us he read them in a newspaper article.

McIntyre says a mentor once advised him: “If you want to succeed, you need to figure out what most Australians are doing and do the exact opposite.” Like becoming homeless, unemployed, a junkie or going to jail?

McIntyre, however, says his adult education course, which promises to teach you all the money-making skills that school forgot, will do the trick. At a cost of $2995 for his home study program, it had bloody better. For $4995, you can study at home and join McIntyre for a three-day seminar in Fiji in October.

As tempting as it is to find out how to “generate an extra $4000 to $5000 a month for less than five minutes work” or score up to $35,000 tax-free every year, I’m a bit worried about what the Australian Tax Office will say about these newly acquired riches. In three hours of talking, McIntyre makes no mention of how to survive a tax audit.

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  1. i did the jamie home study.its worth about $400 not the thousands that he charges.jamie gets speakers to give you a bit of info and then if you want to use their service you have to pay a fee.all he is doing is selling us of to other presenters.

    the dvds were out dated. the strategies you couldent do on your own and he doesent explain them good enough. he basically just tells you to rent out shares and buy property and renovate it and sell it.

    for the money you pay you get little in return. he does not teach you exacly step by step how to trade forex,cfds,stocks,emini or commodities.

    he gives you a little bit of info and then he gets his speakers in and then you have to pay more for their products or services after you have just payed thousands.he says any one can get a loan thru 21st century..thats a lie.

    toatal rip off. read books, learn on line, get a demo account,join forums this saves you thousands.

    • Jamie pockets over half of the programs he spruiks at his 4 day events. average price for the advanced program $10,000, he pockets over half. Hello come in spinner he is raping the innocent victims of his seminars. Hmmmmmm a new book for him :What I didn’t learn from get rich quick spruikers but should have” Hmmmmmmmm something to speak about!

  2. i agree.the course is not worth the money that you spend on it.
    angus knight and others have left 21st century because jamie is a conman.if you take his advice and try these strategies your self you will loose thousands.you need a mentor. 21st century team will take days or weeks to get back to you.

  3. I would like to point out that the Eminis program Jamie promotes through the 21st century academy is a legit program and Dave the mentor of the program is a great mentor and gives you no illusions that this money is going to appear over night. I do not attribute this successful program to jamie but to David but alas it does fall under the 21st century banner.

  4. Seen the strategy, it is a load of dogs balls, fucking purple power points, orange power points, blue power points pink power points, power fades, this is not proffesional trading, these are colourful wanky names to make peoe think its easy and just a matter of joining the pretty coloured boxes. Real traders use, volume, Mac D, Adv/Dec ratios, tick charts, moving averages and so on, fucking power points, what a douche !!! Why would loughnan be selling this overpriced crap if he was a million dollar trader ? Because he is not a million dollar trader but mates with all of the other rip off merchants all tied up in McIntyres hideous web of deceit, Bobilak, Molnar, Kaye, McIntyre and Loughnan are all connected – Read this for the facts people –> http://m.theage.com.au/business/delving-into-the-dark-side-of-shadow-brokers-20110812-1iqsz.html

    I’m sure if it was all lies, there’s no way The Age would run this story and continue to run it !!!

    The time has come, you will all be caught out and burn in hell !!!

  5. Report the conmen to the Financial ombudsman Service & ASIC it is FREE. Strength through numbers. ASIC has already cancelled the licence of Romad Financial Services. Lets keep it rolling & SHUT DOWN 21st Century

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