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I stumbled across one of the last lectures Belfort  will deliver in Australia. It’s a two-day seminar called “Beating the Stock Market”, which he was fronting for a company called 21st Century Academy, fronted by an Australian financial guru named Jamie McIntyre.

If you type McIntyre’s name into the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) website it comes up with a 2005 release titled ‘Another wealth creation spruiker caught out’, and tells that the regulator successfully brought legal proceedings “to stop or change the way they arrange, promote and hold live seminars in Australia”. The ASIC website also details several companies associated with McIntyre that have been wound up.

If you type McIntyre’s name into Google, you’ll reach one of his many sites where, among many bold claims, he promises to show you “how to make money while you sleep”.

Belfort is being used as the bait to hook punters into attending McIntyre’s seminar. It’s not an original idea – Donald Trump has been doing it for years in the US. It works like this: once attendees are in the seminar room and have heard from Belfort, the main game starts, and they are pitched high-priced information products by lower-value spruikers.

In the case of the “Beat the Share Market” seminar, its experts “routinely make up to $50k+ per month in passive monthly cash from their unique strategies”, and promise to show you how “starting with as little as $5000 how you can make $1000 to $5000 per week trading E-minis”.

Jordan Belfort made his money by ripping people off. His career of crime was built around seeking out the greedy and the gullible and then robbing them of their money.

If this convicted conman is to be believed, he’s learned his lessons. Yet it will be the hapless punters who have signed up to see him next weekend in Sydney at the “Beat the Share Market” seminar who will see first-hand whether this is fact or fiction.

Tread your own path!


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