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Jamie McIntyre and Henry KayeJamie Mcintyre and Henry Kaye

are now UNITED!!

We’ve had ENOUGH  of being ripped off.

This web site was set up to expose the truth  about Jamie McIntyre.   As you will see from the content, there are many people who feel they have been ripped off by this man.

The goal of this site is primarily to allow people to share legitimate concerns about dealing with Mr Jamie McIntyre


  1. Well done on setting a new forum where clients who have been misled can UNITE and warn others to stay clear of Jamie McIntyre and his buddy and now business partner – Henry Kaye

    • McIntyre has been ripping off consumers for far too long. I just don’t see how the authorities who are supposed to be there to protect us from people like him don’t so anything. He is very litigious and any attempt to criticise him is met with legal threats once the source is identified. He is heavily connected to the operations currently being run by Henry Kaye and they are always one step ahead of the authorities. It’s time that ASIC did a complete audit of his operations and acted on the hundreds of consumer complaints that they must have received by now. As an ex employee I know that he has a lot to hide.

      • Hi John,
        I found this site by chance – perhaps I’m being led by the Divine to be protected. I have been contemplating working for Jamie but have not officially applied as yet. I’m a teacher by profession and I’ve suffered burnout and I really want to believe there is more to life than working hard for small money and often being used by employers. But I’m aware of the fact there are a lot of rich guys out there who talk about wealth and make you think it’s all easy only when you’ve invested something into their products. So far I haven’t bought any of them although once I was tempted. He actually gave me his Home study program for free. He seems like a nice guy and in fact what I read in his book did stir my thinking. But I don’t know what happens when you join his team. I suspect it’s similar to mainstream employment – you probably just work to make him richer but does he help you to get somewhere too, does he support you really? You’d be in a position to comment on that because you said you’ve worked for him. I’d really love to hear more from you (like what role did you work in and how did it all end)? Thanks for your time. If he is really so uncaring then it’s good he’s being exposed! Best wishes, Lana

      • Hi John, I’d like to have a chat if you’re willing. You can email me tammyavoca@outlook.com

  2. Hi all,
    I’m a former member of 21st c.a.
    We were all sexed up to loan money against our homes, to invest in stockmarket strategies, primarily “renting shares”.
    Also we were encouraged to open a margin lending account with ord minnett/leveraged equities.

    So you could say that inexperienced people were pos. leveraged on top of borrowed money [leverage on leverage], a potentially dangerous thing if misused!..[but all the while there was a ‘you can do it’ mantra]…It now makes me cringe.

    Then, just as we’re all foolishly cashed up, two graduates/affilliates of jamie, came onto the forum, [Andrew Dimitri & Bill Stacy].
    Who then proceeded to woo us away into an even more ‘cant fail’ sure thing lucrative “DIMITRI STRATEGY”.

    A strategy where you were encouraged to risk up to half of your money, on what was later revealed as just a high risk ‘bull put spread’ option strategy!

    A strategy, that if a proffessional were involved, would advise against, for the simple reason that losses can mount quickly & regaining losses [according to the DIMITRI strategy] would involve doulbling or even tripling your initial risks!

    When making this point, we were effectively ‘brow’ beaten, when/then it was promptly pointed out that the ‘professionals’ were quote “JUST PLAIN WRONG!” & “HERE’S WHY, BLAH BLAH”.

    Well, a lot of us suffered huge losses etc…& of course were made to feel later, that it was our fault for going ahead in the first place…JEEZ!!!

    Did anybody else have similar experiences with 21st c.a. & PLANET WEALTH…[Andrew Dimitri & Bill Stacy]?

    p.s. Google ‘Bill Stacy’..Then click on the search result “bill stacy?, page 3 aussie stock forums”
    Where just two weeks ago, some of this subject matter was discussed, & Bill got torn to shreds over 524 posts & 15000+ views!!!
    Great viewing!

    • Hello Wayne.

      Yes I first came across Jamie in 2001 via a life coach (who also seemed to have picked up Jamie’s rip off mentality. I.e. it’s justifiable a consumer paying silly money to potentially gain some good. And it’s perfectly reasonable the provider charging silly money because the product is just so damn good (not). )

      So I went to a 3or4 day wealth creation event, for which I paid top dollar. I certainly did pick up some beneficial and eye opening info. But some of the presenters seemed to be there to sell rather than educate. That’s wrong to me. If you re going to have sales pitches at a so called wealth creation event bloody well say so in the promotional spin for honesty sake!

      So, I decided to do ‘share renting’ which was made out to be a strategy that would make me good money.

      Well, it hasn’t! It has made me some money, it has also cost me some money (beside the upfront ‘make Jamie rich’ entry cost money). Plus it has also exposed me to risk and caused me to need to borrow a large amount of money to cover a naked position when exercised, and I don’t see that I will be able to gain that borrowed many back anytime in the medium term future (I had to borrow it years ago and the interest has probably out weighed any gain I may have made).

      Jamie portrays that he is about making the general population wealthy. But it actually seems, in reality that he is about taking money from the general population by selling hope at a high price.

      Please! Let s put a stop to this. IT IS NOT OK.

  3. A proven conman

  4. I feel for all those that lost money following his “advice”.

    We attended many of his seminars, the first being approx 10 years ago. He is responsible for making me feel broken and disillusioned that our dreams life (one we could only achieve with a comfortable level of financial freedom)never happened quickly like he claimed it would if we applied ourselves. 10 years later I am still waiting for our ship to come in Jamie. Now given we lost so much money getting in the game, methods that he suggests is now impossible for us with no capital anyway. If wealth should come to us in the future it will not be through methods Jamie promotes

    As with one other person here, we were lured in the very first time by the claim in his word “Our associated person can get anyone finance – even a homeless person on a park bench”. Well with a full time job and no debt that person could not even get us a small home loan before the 2003 boom. This was a guy with the last name Edwards maybe his first name was John from memory. He had a 3 day seminar of his own that Jamie promoted. On day 2 he made us take money out of our wallets (some people only had $100 note) and then had two associates dressed up as burglars come in and literally rip the money off us. It was suppose to be a lesson in how much we value our money and will fight it. The money was NOT returned. He kept it all. No Kidding. There were so many upset people. We only lost $10. But those associates were told to be forceful and I was hurt quite badly by aggravating an old injury that took a long time to heal after this expereince. I should have sued just over this fact alone. Anyhow this guy was jailed soon after for these kinds of activities. Funny Jamie, you say that to see what you are like just look at your friends around you, they are usually a close resemblance to yourself.

    You have some pretty shady friends Jamie so what are we suppose to think???

    It is only after finding this site today that I have realised that Jamie is the main person that put me on the path of everyday waking up to a reality that I despise because of the grandeur ideas he put into my mind and most importantly the ease and quick time frame that it was all suppose to happen.

    I take some responsibility of course for being silly enough to place such hope on the words of this person and being a fair person I will say not everything that comes out of his mouth is false, but as a package it is most definitely a rip off.

    He needs to be stopped because people are hurting and they do not need to be caused any further pain financially or emotionally. This economic climate is no time to take risks with valuable capital. If you have capital hold onto it. I think I even remember Jamie saying CASH IS KING! Well keep it in YOUR kingdom NOT HIS.

  5. Just bought his book for $2 from a garage sale. Thanks for the warning.

  6. Having been ripped off from 21st Century with their mortgage department applying for an application for mortgage which was late due to 21st keep putting in the application to the bank incorrectly submitting this due to the structure of the loan, when settlment came through we had to pay a late fee of $2700.00 to the vendor due to 21st Century incompetence to put in the application correctly. Also we paid thousands of dollars for another company he introduced for trading however not knowing that after paying this fee the amount of fee in USD per month would have to be paid to access the program and have this ongoing. When we approached Jamie McIntyre through his so called assistants – we heard nothing back.

  7. The reason these people are allowed to rip us of (more fools are we as the cash cows) the government do nothing about it and do not care.

    How many of you out there are prepared to take a class action against this guy…. let me know so we can start getting some pay back…… please contact me

  8. Hi guys, I came accross this site by accident today. This must have been a sign from the Universe. I was in contact with a gentlemen who was quite close to Jamie over a year ago who said he was going through a lot of mess with him..trying to resolve many issues. I contacted him because I too had been caught up with the lies. This is my story well part of it anyway. Back in 2005 my youngest son and I went into a venture with Jamie Mcintyre…followed him everywhere and spend lots of money doing so. I had recently just got divorced from my 11 year marriage and took my settlement, purchased a house and settled in a house. This guy has destroyed innocent peoples lives. My son wen to silverwater for 3weeks he is still on trial 2years later. having a desperate attempt to provide for the family ..after sleepless nights of losing our house through his pathetic lies and stratagies. My son was left with the guilt of not being able to tell the family the truth about losing it all in the crash. He had not been thinking straight and the bank and I placing him under so much financial pressure..he was not able to tell me the truth about our position. This is a true situation that leads to an innocent boy trying to help his 4 year old brother..and three little sisters and mum through a taugh divorce..emotionallky and financially…we really did believe we were going to make it….We can now be rest assured this person pays for his true crimes. As 3 years and more of not wanting anything more to do with him was ignored by his office..rude administration. He Ows ne hundreds of thousands…Playground constructions owes me $4k, and the man says I owe him %8k for books and tapes that were returned to him. Thanks guys I look forward to meeting up with you all sometime.
    Mother of 5 waiting for justice.

  9. I have worked in financial services for a number of years and am also reasonably well qualified in the field and believe I can comment on these matters with some authority

    I started reading his free E book that was available online several years ago. I stopped reading after the second chapter. His explanation of some basic economic principles were overly simplistic and in some cases just incorrect. Although I never finished the book I was intrigued by this supposed financial genius. After a little more digging and reading I decided in my opinion he is nothing but a scam artist. You can learn most of his so called strategies from a $30 book or for free on the internet.

    And these stragies are not approriate for ordinary retail investors that have little or no understanding of financial markets and the inherent risks especially if they are using borrowed money. It takes 10 years of universtiy training to become a surgeon, so you shouldn’t assume you can become a financial genius after taking a weekend or one week course. Things don’t work that way.

    Furthermore he has never disclosed a trading or investment record so he has no proof that anything he teaches has actually worked for him. I dare say that 99.9% of his income is from selling his wealth seminars. Before anyone commits to any kind of seminar I would ask the presenter do you trade this method yourself and is it profitable. Then ask them to proove it.

    If you want to learn to trade or make your own investment decsions start by looking on the ASX website. They have free introductory courses on shares, options, warrants and cfds. Then visit a good book shop and purchase a book by one of the following Australian authors: Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull, Colin Nicholson, Dale Gilham, Stuart Mcphee Justine Pollard or Brent Penfold. These guys are actual traders or investors, have been in the industry for years and have proven track records. Some are even licensed by ASIC and run seminars. Most of which are a lot cheaper then the ones offered by 21st century Academy.

  10. I bought the membership. I got some good ideas but never felt comfortable with the products he sells. There are a lot of scammers out there but you can find the people to help if you are serious about living the life of your dreams. It is sad that people place so much importance on material things. The biggest lesson I learned is that there is no one solution, the answers lie in yourself and won’t come as a result of paying for it.

  11. thanks for the feedback, I have just been given a scholarship and was excited but the words kept coming to me ” if it sounds to good to be true, then it usually is!” Google Jamies name and found this site. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  12. I’ve spoken to just as many people that had big successes with the education they have received from Jamie McIntyre as the list of negative commments goes on here.

    In fact I know of people that in fact purchased the Eminis Platinum Trading Program which is led by David and out of 60 People, 40 where able to replace their income and are now professional emini traders because of their education they gotten through Jamie McIntyre’s Company.

    Just thought I mention that on here, trading and investing has just as much to do with the mindset as it has to do with the education you are given:).

    • Jamie is that you?? Nice try mate, any one I know that has come in contact with 21st Century has not been happy, let alone replace their income, yeah they’ve replaced it alright with a lesser one thanks to you Jamie. The list of negatives goes on mate because we’ve been sold one thing and we’ve received a load of hyped up crap.

    • I also know a guy in Platinum, he is very disgruntled, I warned him but he didn’t listen, he dumped another 20k on it with ongoing terrie results. Let’s face it, Dave’s strategy is a joke, power points, purple power points, power fade, just more bullshit rewording of simple trading knowledge, just like share renting, wtf, they are called options you big dufus. What’s more, I’ve personally seen group emails from lots of other disgruntled members who were promised that they’d be working full time as traders within 6 months and they’ve had to go back to a day job because they’d blown all of their trading account using Dave’s dodgy strategy and calls. Not good enough 21CA, you preach about spreading the word of financial education, but you want to charge 20k for it, you ate not a philanthropist Jamie, you are a con man, simple.

    • Hi Franco

      I use to be one of those 60 people. I did replace my income in the first 4 months or so.

      However, as I understand it Jamie has ‘broken’ David despite his please to stop signing more people up to his advanced program (for $20k a head after they had already paid $10 grand entry fee). So David has not lead people to make money from eminis for months. I personally have lost money overall despite having great returns up to about May/June 2011. I have also spoken with others in that group of 60 who have lost around half of their capital (and I’m talking hundreds of thousands here). Plus there is big expenses that have gone with it, so I ve lost that money from my bank accounts too.

      David definitely seemed to know how to make money from the markets but once there were so many people in the $20grand course it seemed to put him off his game.

      So congratulations to you Jamie, not only for taking money of everyday people, also for breaking a good trader who was making people money.

      You bastard!

  13. I purchased into InnerCircle property and that all fell in a heap and I lost $3895 and now the 21st Forex where I have lost $20k due to poor management. Would like to know how this can be dealt with…

    • Marie – lodge a complaint at the Financail Ombudsman Service and with his AFSL licence provider – Romad Financial Services Pty Ltd

  14. Found this site by chance. Wished I found it sooner. I am one of the ones who got stung as well. I’ve been to their 4 day seminars, and it scares me to see how people are so excited about one thing after another, and are prepared to pay for multiple products. I am young-ish, but I feel sorry for the older folks who felt they should’ve known these sorts of strategies sooner. It seems they are jumping in without much thought, as they just want to make up for loss times/money. I am sure many will be left broken once they found out it doesn’t work as they expected and they are now is a worse position than before.

    I am doing my own options trading now through CommSec. I understand the strategies and was doing fairly well. Then I signed up with a broker (yes, someone from the seminar) as I though they would be better. Turns out my own trading give me better returns than the brokers, so I am planning to pull out, and doing it myself.

    Moral of the story, if you want to make money work for you, you need to learn how to do it yourself. If you are not prepared to learn, don’t bother. Never pay someone else to do it. Even if they do make some money for you, they are pocketing most of the profit in terms of commissions, brokerage and watever fees they can get away with. If you do it yourself, even if you lose money (hopefully you learn something out of it), it won’t feel as bad as paying someone to lose money for you. Believe me, I know how it feels.

    Also, of you attend any sort of wealth seminar (not just 21st Century), don’t sign anything up front. Go home, google the person(s) who gave the seminar and add ‘scam’ in the search field. It you get any hits, walk away. Perhaps read some of the links to find out what they are really up to.

  15. Today 21st September 2011, featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin Queensland in the business section was this scum bag Jamie McIntyre in all his ugly physical glory stating he is challenging Google that this web site should have facts removed and that he should be advised by GOOGLE who owns this website so he can sue them.


    Well Jamie McIntyre GOOD LUCK!. You are the ultimate of vile scam scum pigs that also has the audacity to spruik other vile pigs offering get rich quick schemes. I will stand up in any court of law to confirm facts I have witnessed.

    You should be jailed for life for the damage you have created to so many decent hard working people.

    • I am also willing to stand up in court and state facts against Jamie and his organisation.

      I would like to see a class action brought against him, his assets liquidated and divided amongst the goodness knows how many who have suffered (we might get 10 bucks each).

  16. I’ve lost $9000 from the initial $20,000 Auto-trading capital with 21stca Forex. Also lost $3000 from 21stca Property Direct US property tour. The course are expensive and if you loose or don’t make any more…they have terms and condistions that protect them.

    • report 21st century to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Also report 21st ASIC afsl licensee tot eh Financial Ombudsman Service. I hear alot of disgruntled victims of 21st are getting paid out.THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS lodge a complaint and get your money back. The best news id the service is FREE!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jamie McIntyre and Henry Kaye and their filthy ****** [feeling very very cheated by] 21st Century businesses were hiding under the Australian Financial Services License of Romad Financial Services.

    It has been confirmed that the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC have suspended the License of Romad Financial Service and as a consequence all authorised representatives under this license have been canceled.

    Therefore any license that Mcintyre and Kaye had, have been can celled.

    McIntyre, I hope you spend every single cent you got from people in trying to SUE the publishers of this website. You need to be sent down “BROKE STREET” the same street, you have sent so many others.

    Both yourself and Kaye, are ********** [not nice] human beings of indescribable proportions.

    There are 1000’s of people that cannot wait for the day of your demise!

    F*****! [Not happy with them]

    [Editor] The editor has sanitised this post.

  18. Latest ruling here —–>
    http://www.asic.gov.au/asic/asic.nsf/byHeadline/11 231AD%20AAT%20decision%20on%20licence%20cancellation%20of%20Romad%20Financial%20Services?opendocument

    Somebody needs to try and join 21CA – At this stage they can’t engage any new clientele, Hmmm their website fails to mention this, I bet they’d be happy to take your credit card details also !!!

  19. Keep on reporting Jamie, 21st Compamies, Kaye and Romad to ASIC and the Financial Ombudsman. It is starting to work and tighten the noose to stop them

  20. I was promoted the 21st Century Eminis Platinum $30,000 Course with David Loughnan as though you could make 100 to 200% following just his trades in the Trading room. Good Emini Traders do make these sorts of returns. These returns were confirmed and posted on their web site from previous Trading that year. After two months and $10,000 down I was told by a disgruntled and much earlier member than myself that David had used massive contract sizes more than double our maney management plan fom the start and had increased them dramatically during the year which gave misleading and extremely elevated Profits. Really, David was just profitable but because of huge contract sizes the dollar amount looked impressive. Now the big problem was they had promised it would be a small group of 20 but chasing the dollars they had joined hundreds. this meant you had 3000 contracts trying to get on these Trades which meant large slippage and sometimes missing Trades altogether. So David was just ahead at the end of the month and everyone else with commissions were losing and I mean big time. I tried to get a refund as I was mislead but they said no and If I wanted to pull out of the payment structure I had to sign a legal document that I wouldnt take this issue further or mention it to anyone etc. If I did not sign the legal document they would resume my payment obligations. $13,000 in payments and $10,000 in losses and they want me to sign a legal document to protect themselves? these guys are sharks and Im going to take them down if they dont pay me back

  21. @Saali
    Report 21st Century to the Fincial Ombudsman Service & ASIC. It is a FREE service. also report 21st Century to his existing licensee(his old one ROMAD Financial has been shut down by ASIC – surprise!!!)
    DO NOT sign anything from 21st as they are not in your interest. They are supposedly using Henry Kaye’s lawyer(yes Jamie & Henry are buds – go figure)

  22. It is a massive scam. I signed up with the promise to be a millionaire within 5 years or my money back. I signed up thinking that it was supposed to educate me. I received a box of useless books in the mail which are just rewritten books of other writers e.g. Rich Dad Poor Dad. The seminars don’t actually teach you anything, every guest speaker that comes out is selling something which Jamie obviously gets a commission or kick back
    if somebody signs up or buys their product. So basically I paid $5000 to go to a seminar to be sold more crap. Did not get educated at all, even though the company is called ‘ 21st century education’ .

  23. I attended the 4 day seminar in Queenstown last year where I bought the sharelord ‘education’ for NZD$7500. I spoke directly with Nik Halik and said that I was concerned his course would only be about share renting and that I thought I’d really already caught the jist of it and wanted an education I could grow with. ie more than just one strategy. He assured me that sharelord was all that! It isn’t. Shortly after he realeased sharelord advanced which does offer more but I would have to pay a further NZD$7500 to access it, even tho its what I thought I was getting in the first place! The kicker was that you get a 5 day cooling off period that starts from the day you sign, not from when you recieve the product. Mine took 10 days to arrive. So my window to opt out after reviewing the product expired 5 days before I even saw it!
    In conclusion. I felt the 4 day seminar was great for my motivation and would reccomend it to anyone. Just don’t pay them anything. Sign up for the 21st century homestudy scholarship for free (just say you earn less than 20k or whatever, they wont check). Read Jamies book its very good and if you want to know about something, google it! The information is out there for free if you know what it is you want to know about. I don’t feel like I got value for money from nik halik. I think NZD$50.00 would have been a fair value. But my actions to this point have got me where I am now so I cant regret too much, I’ll just chalk it up to experience and share my experiences with you so you don’t have to make my mistakes. Good luck on your journeys.

  24. Well, they are all tarred with the same brush.
    I bought Bill Stacy’s one day wealth course about 2 years ago and due to severe family illness was unable to do spend any time on it. Now I am ready to roll and guess what? His site is no longer! He’s dissapeared. Phone disconnected etc, even though we could “call him anytime”. When I bought the course I was suppossed to receive dvd’s when they were completed but until that time all of the info was posted on the site. So now there is no site and still no dvd’s. A couple of grand in his pocket for NOTHING!
    He always swore by his integrity and I gave him the benifit of the doubt. I feel pretty foolish now.
    Bill Stacy, where are you???

  25. Hello, I currently work for 21st Century in their south melbourne office. I feel after reading these comments that my opinion may be valid. However it’s probably not what you guys want to hear. Jamies products and his affiliated products work, how WELL they work is a different story. For example; if you wanted to learn how to trade CFD’s successfully the Emini’s course will teach you how to do that. what is exaggerated is the time it takes to learn these things to be able to trade with consistant profitability (4-5 years is usually needed) all these programs are shown as “get rich quick” breakthroughs – they are not. From what I’ve seen the people who fail at these things have put too much on the line when investing. Investment money should be money that YOU ARE OK TO PART WITH. If you are investing into the stock market, options trading, cfds, forex, commodities, property here or overseas you have to understand that you have a chance of losing all that money you have invested, especially when working with leveraged strategies like trading futures, thats what investing is. I find that people who become successful through these things are going to be successful anyway. No matter what they do, it’s just a matter of time. If i could put a number or percentage of people that fail vs. succeed with these programs i would say 80-90% fail and 10-20% succeed overall.

    Just to give you an idea of things that me as an employee would and wouldn’t do.

    Courses i would do:
    US Property – most consistant profitability with all members (more succeeding then failing about 70:30 ratio)

    Courses I wouldn’t do:
    Pretty much everything else

    • Hey good call, I’ve actually purchased the emini’s course, and all of the course I had looked into clearly outlined that they ARE NOT a get rich quick scheme. (to be honest if it took me 5 years to be a successfull trader then I don’t mind0. But as you say the money you invest you should be able to part with. The problem that it seems to me from reading alot of these comments is that everyone wanted to get results FAST! Thats exactly how I started. Then I pulled my head in a did it the way 21st century eminis suggested. Start with a small amount and become successful at making minimal trades the gradually increase your contracts by 1. I got ripped abit with the course cost, as I was told one thing about payment structure and now it seems they don’t do it? But all in all the course has alot of valuable info and it deffinatley comes down to the purchaser. We have to make these things work for ourselves!

      • What the f*** are you two dickheads smoking? I was part of the bullshit Forex program that just fell apart without any warning and no one got their money back! That’s got nothing to do with good investing, that’s called being ripped off. Kel Butcher was promoted to run the coarse but pulled out before it started, not only that, the figures that were promoted to us, Kel said on video 3 of the home study that that was a real risky trade that he did and would not recommend to us so stop trying to polish a turd, let’s call it shit because that’s what it is!

  26. I also work at 21st Century and Jamie needs to be in jail as he is a fraud and many people have suffered, while she shows his millions spent on luxury items showing innocent people they can have the same too by following him!! His theory is to somehow meet public figures and talk to them about charity donations and when they say he they will come and speak at his FRAUD events, he makes money off people!!

    Jamie is not Richards Branson friend and Branson only came because 21st Century promised to donate money and during the two day FAKE coach like GORO GUPTA scam people!!! They are not fit to advise anyone!! People please be aware!!! He also sexual harassed some of the girls in the office and paid them out!!!
    This man will go to jail!! There are so many people who have not made any money only injected money to his business and staff only stick up for him because they are leaches also!!! The expensive events at the cost of hard earned money from victims.
    He is a con man who was going BANKRUPT and he found a new scam and it work only for JAMIE!!! All his staff gets looked after and false promise all the time!!! KARMA JAMIE!!

  27. I also purchased the homestudy dvds and attended the 4 day seminar and found out that the information on it was nothing special and was already freely available on the internet. I do admit the seminar was really motivating and with this new motivation led me to purchase more home studies totalling to 15K.

    After reviewing the homestudies I was fortunate enough to use the cooling off period to get my money back as I considered the information and strategies not applicable to my current situation. It was very hard to get the money back and alot of emails and phone calls between myself and Rick Ottons company were required.

    I also signed up with playground constructions which were affiliated with 21St century which later became 21st Century Property. This involved putting down money for an option to get into some new housing development in a suburb west of Melbourne in Victoria. Again after a couple of years it looked like the deal with playground constructions were going nowhere as I the released opportunities were not even the same as promised. It took alot of bouncing back and forth and using the fine print on our original sign up to get our deposit back minus $500.

    I also tried the share strategy which was basically a bull put spread for a few months with success. What I did learn though was that it was very risky and the amount to earn is easily dwarfed by the amount you stand to lose if the market goes the other way – you had to “double down” and hope the market would go in your favour the next month like digging a bigger hole.

    In the end I’ve put down the whole ordeal as a huge learning experience and have put it behind me. No hard feelings. My advice for others out there is to do your research, be prepared to part with your money when you invest and make sure there is a clause in the contract that allows you to get your money back should you change your mind!

  28. Hello,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

    I am a high class Sydney escort. I also am an adviser and look after many of the private working girls across Australia.

    A young girl who I am helping took out a large loan to “buy in” to the 21st century bullshit she is desperate and has come to me for help. She has turned to prostitution to pay off her so called “education loan.”

    Unfortunately selling herself did not work. She is not like myself or other escorts, she is not cut out for escorting. She hates it and is doing this job because she is in debt. She fell down the stairs and was not able to prostitute herself; consequently, she is loosing her apartment. I am telling you this because she is too ashamed to tell anyone.

    I think its a joke that people like Jamie prey on people who are naive and want to get ahead in life. I nearly fell over when she told me she spent over 200K??

    I am seriously concerned that this young girl will kill herself.
    Her leg is better now so she is working around the clock as an escort and in brothels to save her apartment. She has to do this work in secret her family and friends have no idea what is going on.

    So Jamie, what is your advice for me to give her? Should I bail her out? What do you suggest I do to help her? (Pls no DVDs)

    She is asking me for money to save her apartment. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

    Escorting is a legal serious profession. I don’t work or help junkies. This girl does not drink, smoke or gamble and has not taken an illegal drug in her life. I am not talking about junkie here. I am talking about a girl who wanted to do something with her life.

    I actually laughed when this young girl told me about the so called mentors she as part of her “eduction” received. She is still living in a 21st century fantasy world and seriously believes her business plan has got some sort of future. I have 3 degrees, one of which is an MBA. My clients are successful business people including high profile CEOs and people in the public eye. This girl’s mentors would not interest me and they would not be able to afford me. The strange part is: this girl is so brainwashed / star struck by 21st Century and her apparent great mentors that she can not even tell them what is going on.

    She has come to me here in Sydney and is staying with me, she has asked me to help get her escorting work and right now at 2.30am she is working in a local brothel. I can not send her out to my black book of clients, she is so depressed nobody wants to be near this girl, let a lone pay for her by the hour.

    She is loosing her apartment due to defaulting on her loan. Why she took out a 200K “education” loan using her apartment as security shocks me!

    I suppose in reality this has been a real education for her but not the type she thought she was getting a loan for. I truly hope that her cognitive dissonance does not end up in suicide. I am watching her closely but I can’t bail out every girl that lands on my door step.

    Stephanie Berrie Sydney Escort
    0415 787 435

    p.s. my friend dropped the name “Richard Branson” like he was some sort of mentor for the program. I find this very hard to believe. Name dropping is so cheesy. I’m far more likely to be endorsed by Richard!

  29. Jamie McIntyre’s 21st century company is a complete joke. The majority of the principles and strategies he teaches you can find on the Internet for free. His “share renting” strategy for example is simply the covered call options strategy, you can find heaps of free info about this. His courses are nothing but over hyped, over priced, sugar coated junk. His whole business model is built on sand. Just look at Aussie Rob, he was thriving by scamming people into a useless trading system based on 2 simple moving averages, ASIC tells him he can’t spruik overinflated returns in his marketing. He goes under and sells his multi million dollar penthouse in surfers paradise that was paid for by scamming thousands. It’s sad to see guys like Jamie still in business as I know several people that have lost money trading his strategys that had paid jamie thousands to learn about.

  30. I used to work for 21st Century Education. Freedom of speech Jamie if you are reading this. What you give to the universe is what you receive.

    Things to look out for:
    12 years of existence 2 testimonials of success Lou Harty a current employee and John the trader. Why does Lou need to be employed if she is successful? Why work on a wage , plus commissions if you are making significant amounts of money. She too is selling a story like Jamie in order to get a sale and receive her commission from Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education. There should be hundreds of testimonials after 12 years of existence.

    Products: Their products are released before they are even created. They need to wait for a recording of a seminar. Jamie is only interested in selling products, not educating people. Trading products keep changing because relationships fail and customers are unhappy due to the lack of education and service.

    Education: What education is there? Their membership is a recording of their Seminar. Therefore it is contradicting. Once you buy their membership there is no education or support as no staff are educated in the area and if they were they would not be working on a wage for 21st Century Education and Jamie McIntyre.

    Richard Branson- is not friends with Jamie McIntyre. He was paid to attend their event

    Tony Robbins. They are not friends. Jamie McIntyre paid to attend his Platinum Club.

    Jamie McIntyre has no friends. His friends are only people who have invested interest in his business so they can make money for themselves.

    Staff- There is a high turn over in staff and Jamie likes to get involved with staff sexually. This is not a man of integrity.

    Property Direct There is always money in property as the value always increases. Houses in the USA are cheap due to the recession. Why use a middle man being 21st Century Property Direct who use a real estate agent in the USA.

    Seminars Are a bunch of live infomercials selling an idea.

    Jamie s income source Selling products (pre recorded DVD s of seminars) at 21st Century Education. Jamie McIntyre does not implement what he sells into his own life.

    His assets they are all on lease and are a tax ride off on his business.

    Jamie and charity Never likes to give to charity would open up his own so he can make money.

    21st Century TV – a recording of Jamie in his office. Jamie has a NEED FOR SIGNIFICANCE. He is a very insecure man. That s is why Jamie McIntyre likes to portray himself as a public figure. If he was to appear on TV it would not be for anything positive.

    If you want education GOOGLE IT. Jamie won t make you rich. Only you can by teaching yourself, taking a risk and learning from your losses.

    The ideal customer: Someone who is unsure about themselves and needs to feel they belong.

  31. Reading a PR release by the SMH regarding the visit of the ‘Governator’ to Perth organised by Jamie McIntyre http://www.watoday.com.au/entertainment/about-town/photo-with-arnie-thatll-be-4000-please-20130130-2dksz.html
    I couldn’t help but remember the experience I had with two of his minions 7 years ago. I am a very skeptical person hence why this memory is so great.
    In 2006 received a few dodgy emails from this fella and immediately smelt a rat, I was studying at university at the time and had no money anyways so there was no chance of my investment into his scheme. However I was intrigued at the success of this man, however It reminded me of a Hollywood movie I had watched about a clearing house that ripped off plenty of hard working people trying to make a quick profit on the money they had saved for decades.
    Funny thing was that a close friend of mine actually lived with a salesman of Jamie’s in Sydney. In 2007 I used to frequent their house on the weekend for parties etc. One evening I was speaking with my mates housemate, who we shall call Rick (Nick with an R for Ripoff) who had been working for Mr McIntyre for 6 months and he was going on about how good this McIntyre was and the fortune he had amassed in a short amount of time. Being a cocky 2nd year Uni student and with the weapon of the prior knowledge of the potential scam (through the emails I had received) I wanted to test this apparent ‘share guru’s’ knowledge of how their system works. All I got was this sleazy sales pitch and how I should buy this trading platform and how I would be able to pay off my university debt with money I did not have. Further pressing Nick on how the system worked I got the run around. This was thoroughly entertaining for me as I was trying to prove to my mate that Nick was full of BS. After a few more beers and half a pack of cigs I finally set him straight by telling him I had no money, I didn’t want to borrow any money and I had no interest in finance (a lie). His sales pitch abruptly ended to which I followed, “if it’s so brilliant a system and it works so well, do you even use it?” To which the response was “F$&k no! I don’t need to use that sh%t, I’m making thousands a week selling it.” To which I winked at my mate to say “I told you so.”
    I have always wondered why so many hardworking people had invested in Jamie McIntyre, so I have made sure every six months to see what scam he is up to by checking my junk mail and my word he is a sneaky, slimy bugger. My partner works in the Qantas lounges which caters to domestic flyers who have a Qantas club membership. Being the darling she is, she brings home the leftover business and finance magazines for me to read in my spare time. These are the magazines provided complimentary to guests in the Business and domestic lounges. One day I was reading this new trading magazine, the name of which I can’t remember and then I thought to myself…”this seems to be all dumbed down regurgitated rubbish that a first year commerce textbook wouldn’t even publish.” It was pure common sense dressed up with fancy business language. My skepticism creeped in once again and I started analysing all the articles and adverts throughout the publication. I realised all the adverts were promoting Jamie’s dodgy companies, not only 21st Century Academy but his sister companies that had stupid long names with long web addresses. I then realised that this Trading magazine was not a magazine at all but rather a cleverly disguised brochure dressed up as a legit magazine even with a volume number and price tag for both Australia and New Zealand. I showed everyone at work as well as family and friends warning them to be very wary when deciding to invest their hard earned savings somewhere and not to listen to anyone that looked like “this guy” to which I had a big picture of Jamie.
    I am very sad to see that he is still up to his old tricks 7 years later, I don’t know anyone close to me that has invested any money in Jamie and I still don’t know how he is still operating after his acts of fraud and deception. Reading the article in the fairfax newspaper just made me cringe at the thought of more uninformed, trusting Australians supporting this scumbag’s vibrant lifestyle.
    It’s great to see a page like yours and I hope that people google his name like I did today and find your page at the top of the list so that they have a second thought and avoid the clever, scummy tactics employed by Jamie McIntyre and his minions.
    Best regards

  32. It’s time the authorities closed his operation down once and for all. Jamie McIntyre is a clone of his little mate Henry Kaye. They are both lying, cheating, conniving scumbags and have destroyed countless people’s lives while spending millions on their own lavish lifestyles and coke parties. I can’t believe that so many people fall for the crap that he publicly spews forth with. However I think this article covers the concept well. These grubs develop a totally blinded cult like group of followers who worship the ground they walk on. It’s pitiful really!

  33. I am so pleased to see that there is finally somewhere that the truth can be told about this man without the legal threats and censorship of material that Jamie McIntyre has become renowned for. The internet is now full of his fake websites and articles which appear to be written by independent journalists singing his praises when they have all really been conjured up by the man himself or his loyal followers. I was once a member of The Investors Club and the cult like following you see in these organizations is very similar and completely toxic for those caught up in it. I would love to see a similar site as this set up to expose what is really going on within the ranks of The Investors Club under the directorship of Kevin Young aka Kevin Sampy. These people are all fakes who have set themselves up to take advantage of others for their own financial greed.

  34. McIntyre is such a fake. Has anyone noticed that he is now standing for the NSW seat of New England? Anyone voting for McIntyre would have to have rocks in their head. However isn’t it amazing how he manages to convince people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Branson that he is legitimate. Don’t people like Schwarzenegger and Branson have their team complete some due diligence on the people they choose to associate themselves with or endorse? It sure lowers my opinion of them when they get up on stage and praise up someone like McIntyre.

    It’s time that ASIC stopped ignoring the hundreds of consumer complaints they have received on McIntyre and take a proper stand against him. I think they are scared about how much it is likely to cost them as people like McIntyre have very deep pockets. Deep enough to manipulate the legal processes to their advantage.

  35. I used to work for 21st Century Academy before Jamie and his brothers very cunningly phoenixed the company into 21st Century Education to avoid a several million$$ tax bill.

    I knew one of his IT staff who told me, and showed me evidence that Jamie McIntyre was the person behind an anonymous internet site called http://www.consumer-warning.com. She was being instructed directly by Jamie to run the site and what material to put on it. On this site Jamie was blatantly defaming people like Neil Jenman, the NZ consumer institute, one of his ex accountants and several others who had spoken out in the media and told the truth about him. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that McIntyre was driving the site. When evidence of this came to light and was forwarded to several of the people who appeared on the site Jamie came under the spotlight. As soon as he realized that his goose was cooked he immediately removed the site and denied all association with it.

    So I had to laugh when I read that he was suing google to find out who was behind this site and squealing like a stuck pig because someone had turned the tables on him. What a hypocrite. I fully support this site despite the administrators having to remain anonymous. Jamie McIntyre is extremely litigious and has deep enough pockets to pay lawyers to manipulate the law to his own advantage. He has done this many times before and that is why so many people who know the truth about McIntyre have not come out and blown the whistle.
    The leaked photos of Jamie partying with his mates in about 2007 must have been a big embarrassment to him. http://www.smh.com.au/business/dressup-parties-can-be-revealing-20130602-2njyg.html

    This is the main reason that he was trying so hard to get this site removed. And let me assure you that the powder and cash in the briefcase was the genuine article, not the fake props he claims they were. Jamie is a prolific liar.

  36. What a great site! Jamie McIntyre floods the Internet with his fake websites where he spreads his rubbish so its great to see a site where people can speak the truth about this shyster. I heard Jamie speak at a seminar a while ago (a family member asked me to go with them) and quickly realised that the guy is a total conartist. I’ve traded the exact strategies and products he was talking about and 99% of what he said was totally unachievable or complete BS. He even talked about going into debt to get started in the markets. People can end up in financial ruin doing stuff like that but of course he never mentioned this. Put simply it was some of the worst financial advice id ever heard. Then he has the audacity to charge people thousands $$ for it. It beggars belief why Jamie McIntyre hasn’t been shut down by ASIC for good. I still get his emails for a laugh, all about how Jamie (for a price) will unlock the secrets to great wealth like he’s been hiding them under his pillow all these years. Funny thing is I opted out of his emails long ago but still got emails from his good mate Aussie Rob under an alias. Then when aussie rob was shut down by ASIC I started getting emails from Jamie Mcintyre under the same alias, the whole thing is so shonky and the regulators do nothing while Jamie McIntyre slithers around ripping off the Australian public, it really is disgusting. He proudly calls himself an “educator”, he “educates” because he has no clue how to do the doing part and that is trade/invest in the very strategies he preaches. He knows you can’t get the BS returns on investment that he espouses. If it was all true then he would not be selling wealth “secrets”. He would keep them to himself and make billions$$. I would suggest not listening to this man and never give him your money. You are better off buying a $30 Warren Buffet book and learn from someone who is actually doing it, not just talking about it. Don’t rely on Jamie McInytre and 21st century education to make you wealthy because it won’t happen.

    Now I see he is running in the upcoming election for the seat of New England. I think everyone knows the good people of New England will never vote for a wealth spruiking shyster but I feel sorry for them that they even have to put up with him campaigning in their electorate.

    Hopefully this site will save many people from falling victim to 21st century education.

  37. Ha! I laughed when I saw this. http://www.smh.com.au/business/political-hopeful-jamie-mcintyre-allegedly-faking-twitter-numbers-20130716-2q1o3.html

    This is typical of Jamie McIntyre. He is fake all over. He has a team of IT staff that pull all sorts of internet stunts and then he gets upset when people have anonymous sites like this exposing him. The public need to be very careful of people like McIntyre. He has the potential to do a lot of damage with his lying, cheating and ripping the public off with his fake wealth education schemes. What most people don’t realize is that the majority of testimonials McIntyre has posted up all over the internet are also fake. His IT staff have created them and posted them for him. The whole thing is a sham. I know because my girlfriend used to form part of his IT team until she saw the light. The things he has them doing behind the scenes is criminal!

    LMFAO at his claims that the defamation laws in Australia need to be tougher. http://www.smh.com.au/business/dressup-parties-can-be-revealing-20130602-2njyg.html

    If they were, Jamie would be in jail about now! Jamie has certainly become a highly polished con-artist over the years and has made a lot of money out of those who seek a guru to worship.

  38. Can anyone tell me if they saw an unfavorable segment exposing Jamie McIntyre on TV last week. I thought it was on one A Current Affair or Today Tonight but a search doesnt show it up. Can anyone help put who saw it???

    • Hi Kay, My name is Kerry Woods. I am the person who was interviewed on that program. Back in early July I sent emails to several current affairs programs telling them of my bad experiences with McIntyre and 21st Century. Today Tonight contacted me within a couple of hours and said they wanted to do a story on them. I did an interview the following day and it finally went to air last Wednesday. I was a bit disappointed with the story as I thought they might get stuck into him a bit more. Apparently his legal team were watching it very closely which doesn’t surprise me as they have threatened me with legal action on several occasions. I am a victim of the Forex auto trader. I am involved in a group of people who are interested in bringing down Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century and hopefully recovering some if not all of our losses. My reason for agreeing to do the interview for Today Tonight was to try and make as many people aware of the dangers of investing in anything that McIntyre puts his name to and also to try and make contact with as many victims as I can. So far Today Tonight has given my contact details to 2 people who saw the story and I will email them tonight. As far as seeing the story online Today Tonight told me that they aren’t going to put it on their web site. They didn’t give me a reason saying only that it was a management decision. If anyone who reads this post wishes to join our group or would just like to share your experiences (good or bad) then please contact me at kdwoods57@gmail.com as I am very keen to hear from you. I can guarantee that anything that anyone reveals to me will not be passed on to anyone without your permission. Perhaps if enough people contact Channel 7 and ask them to put the story on the web they may change their stance. Hoping to hear from every victim of McIntyre. Thanks

  39. Hi Kay, Here is a link to it on You Tube.


    Doesn’t exactly paint Jamie in a light he will be happy with. Watch how quick he starts threatening anyone and everyone he can to get it removed!

    Jamie is not a person that takes kindly to criticism and employs all sorts of expensive behind the scenes IT techniques to bury any negative publicity. Problem for him is it just keeps surfacing. I think Jamie McIntyre deserves all he gets. If he isn’t a wolf dressed up in a sheepskin, I don’t know what is!

  40. This site is awesome. I’m an ex Platinum 21st member and trying to get my money back. I have started proceedings. We truly need to unite. Let’s get these scum bags

  41. This site is definitely needed. My partner and I bought into a few programs from 21st and NONE have delivered what was promised. I believe Jamie is only interested in ONE thing, what can I get out of this UP front and that is the money from all the programs he sells and how much bull$hit can he spin to get people to spend as much money as possible so that they buy these programs.

    I was looking into the Property Direct stuff, only to find out Henry Kaye was behind this deal. See Konrad Bobilak use to work for Henry Kaye and when Henry Kaye went down, Konrad went to 21st Century along with another staff member (friend of Konrads) who I believe still works at 21st/Property Direct.

    Henry Kayes sister worked, not sure if still works there, Julia was running the Property side with Konrad in Australia and Henry runs the US deals and lives in the US to avoid authorities in Australia. Jamie, Konrad and Henry are very good friends. I guess the photo published proves that. Julia does the work here and sends it to her brother over there and he gets a nice big cut out of the profits.

    People need to be very careful when dealing with 21st Century. To see he is running for a seat in politics, what a JOKE!!! Did you know that politicians receive about $2 per vote? He doesnt care whether he wins or not, he is looking at what he can take up front, and then put it towards his farm where he hides all his money in various structures so he doesnt get caught.

    I found it funny to see that his name is not even on the electorate. He has these immature, uneducated people running for seats that have no idea or understanding of what politics really is… In fact, we know politicians are liers, scammers, theives… Jamie may fit in well then..

    PEOPLE… BE CAREFUL, anyone who associates with 21st Century Academy/Education/Political Party is a scam.. Do not give your money to any speaker that speaks at his events.. You will lose BIG.


  42. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/executive-living/home-design/gallery-fn6njxlr-1225961071482?page=15

    68 The promenade Isle of Capri, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast is Jamie’s address.

    This is definetly his house. I know people who have confirmed it in the last month.

    If you cant get him on email, take it direct. This is readily available on a google search of jamie mcintyre so if there is any challenges the Australian should take responsibility.

  43. Thank God for Kerry Woods who the driving force behind exposing this fraud. If we could recover even part of our losses it would be great and stop many more people from being scammed by this man.

  44. Laughed like hell when I saw McIntyre had sued google to identify the administrators of this site yet two years on, it is still live and well. didn;t do him much good did it? lol

    And how can he get upset that he is being referred to as a ‘thieving scumbag’ when that is exactly what he is!

    Good on you guys for exposing this evil smelling turd. Jamie McIntyre and his good mate Henry Kaye have made a lot of money at others expense and continue to to so. It’s time the authorities woke up and nailed them to the wall.

  45. So now that Jamie McIntyre has finished his massive failed attempt at politics surely he will be releasing some new books, free 48hr download of course.

    Heres a few book titles he could use.

    How to turn $250 000 into $15000 in 6 months
    How to get 93% of your electorate to not trust you
    How not to register a political party
    How to blame other people for your own incompetence
    How to end up in court often: the Jamie McIntyre way
    How to p#ss off your local member then ask him for help
    How to make your polls so ridiculous no one will believe them
    How to lie big and often and still fail
    How to cross promote your scam-artist business and still fail
    How not to win in politics
    How to fail

    Jamie McIntyre would seriously be the last person I would want working in my company.

    He kept spruiking about having a PHD in results, I’m guessing he means failed results.

  46. Hi guys, I have just done an online report to ASIC re 21st. It was really
    quick and easy. Kerry did one too and they rang him within 15 minutes. They
    are very interested and asked if as many people as possible could do the
    same with an initial online application. So come on guys, lets do it , it’s
    easy and quick, as it’s only 2000 word limit allowed. See attached all the
    details u need with name and ABN etc, and the complaint I put in for u to
    cut paste or other. ASIC have the power to get them to pay us back even
    possible losses, and or order htem to stop selling any other products et al.
    Also if we all end up joining a class action to get all our losses and
    damages back, plus punative for stress, suffering, etc and interest on
    investment, having ASIC on our side, even to simply say they are being
    investigated really really helps hey.
    She said the more complaints they get the more it will get looked at. She
    asked to get people to lodge the complaint online
    Go to ASIC website. Click on ‘Contacting Us’. Then click ‘How to Complain’
    followed by ‘Money I have invested’. Then click ‘Where ASIC can help’ and
    then ‘Report misconduct to ASIC’ and lastly ‘Make a report on line’. It’s
    now a matter of filling in the details and then writing your complaint 2000
    words. or no doubt u have something already written to copy and paste . Its easy . Just do it, it’s quick. Lets bring these white collar criminals down together. Evil can only be conquered when good gather. Power in numbers. Cheers.

    • Hi Trish,
      Where do I get the attachment with the details to help me lodge a complaint with Asic.
      I too lost $5000 or 50% of my capital invested with the forex autotrader about 3-4 years ago. I would like to help the numbers cause, see if we can get any losses back.

      • Hi,
        Sorry , I thought this site was down and haven’t been checking it. ASIC did another investigation on them to no avail as they had the license thru Romad. However feel free to contact me regarding wanting to be involved in a possible class action. Email tfols@gmail.com

  47. Hi I just would like to know if , I’ve missed my chance to be in the class action against 21st century, or do I still have a chance to get my money back, if so wich lawyers in melbourne are taking care of it.

    Cheers Alf.

  48. To all victims if financial loss caused by fraudulent means.
    We invite you to sign our bfcsa petition for a Royal commission into the bad behaviour of all banks and lenders which is causing thousands of people to lose their homes and their entire life savings.

    Please sign and pass on to every person you know and ask them to do the same. If we all stick together and get everyone to sign we can achieve our Royal Commission. Please do your best and pass on to everyone, victim or not it doesnt matter. What matters is the high volume of signatures which will result in our RC.
    We now have just over 2,000 signatures but need thousands more.
    Here is the link


  49. Hi all.
    I feel so embarrassed to say I got suckered in to investing in the 21st century Rafferty Park property development near Shepparton in Victoria. I would like to say i know what is going on, but so far, despite a month of emailing i have had no response from 21st Century. Does anyone else have an idea? Should i kiss my money goodbye? Is there a class action on that one?

  50. Gday,I attended a seminar on trading by 21stca at the hyatt on the sunshine coast some years ago.I spoke with jamie Mcintyre and told him that I could learn this stuff cheaper from books, and told him the books and authors I had studied. There was a free course being given at this presentation and I noticed Mcintyre instructing one of his staff to pick out a specific name from the hat, I realised then that this guy was no good and that I would never attend or buy anything he was selling. One should always check out these gurus on the net as this is how I found my teacher, and I am now trading very successfully due to this due diligence. If you are interested in finding a coach in currency trading for instance you can go to a web sight and check out all the gurus, brokers, advisers etc free,at http://www.forexpeacearmy.com. There are many free courses available also on line so before parting with your hard earned cash get online and do some free research you won’t regret it. gday dave j

  51. Hi,

    Any updates regarding class action or similar?
    We need to get these bastards and recover our hard earned money.


  52. It looks like Trish’s email address has been removed and she can’t be sent to anymore.
    I wonder why?
    I read you posts on the website forum:

    I also thought that the website was brought down.
    But looks like not and 2 years have passed since i last come across it.
    Now I am not sure what you know further, but i have been trying to work out what I can do about my situation too. I am a victim of getting sucked into paying for Set For Life by Goro Gupta (another thief and manipulator) and his mate Jamie too.

    Has anything come of that with the class action?
    I will look into putting my complaint with ASIC but how do they respond to this?
    As from what i gather, Jamie has the backing of the sneaky Warren Black from 21st Century Accounting (another thief and manipulator) who portrays that he wins in court all the time. They are all psychopaths.

  53. Can anyone tell me anything about Goro Gupta?

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